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Världspremiär för Lynk & Co - Geelys nya bil introducerades på Lindholmen

Idag lanserar Geely sitt nya globala bilmärke, Lynk & Co, en bil som skall utmana den konventionella bilindustrin. Förväntningarna var höga när den första modellen, '01', igår avtäcktes på Lindholmen.
Bild: Lynk & Co

Från pressreleasen:

Designed and engineered in Sweden and born digital, LYNK & CO introduces a new business model, an open API, personalized services, sharing possibilities and the first dedicated app store for cars. The first car in the range is the 01, a bold and tech-laden SUV, built on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

-Our industry has been refining design and engineering successfully for
decades – but not so much the distribution and ownership model. Our
customers’ values and preferences have evolved dramatically. It is time for
us to step into the future and reinvent the model to become a
comprehensive solution for mobility and lifestyle.

This is LYNK & CO – introducing a premium, state-of-the-art range of cars
– at the most accessible of price points, challenging and redesigning every
link in the chain. Our aim is to enrich and simplify car ownership by
redefining how they are bought, owned, connected, serviced and used.
Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of LYNK & CO

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