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Bluetest AB

Produkter inom trådlös överföring


Lindholmsallén 10 417 55 Göteborg


Produkter inom trådlös överföring


076 - 327 13 70



Kort om företaget

Bluetest provides reverberation chambers and software, for fast and cost effective development and evaluation of wireless products using small antennas. Measurements can be performed up to ten times faster and with similar or better accuracy than in anechoic chambers. The cost and space of a Bluetest chamber compared to an anechoic chamber is much smaller. For terminals with multiple antennas the reverberation chamber is the only instrument to directly measure diversity gain and MIMO capacity.

Bluetest's main customers are mobile phone manufacturers, operators, developers of small antennas and universities. However, all companies working with wireless devices, e.g. RFID, Bluetooth modules, WLAN, wireless sensors, etc., will be able to speed up their development time and improve the performance of their products using a Bluetest chamber.

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