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Audiovisual Talks: Storytelling - från generiskt till autentiskt med hjälp av AI


Ett inspirationsforum för dig som arbetar med storytelling inom spelindustrin, film, tv och rörlig bild samt övrig audiovisuell sektor. Audiovisual Talks är en seminarieserie med målet att ge kunskap och inspirera verksamma inom den audiovisuella sektorn att fortsätta skapa morgondagens starka berättelser och upplevelser. 

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Photo: Joel Parker Henderson

Welcome to Audiovisual Talks with Tatjana Samopjan

The event will be held in English. On September 12 we invite you to an exclusive online lecture with Tatjana Samopjan, a Creative Consultant specialising in the development of films, TV series and documentaries. 

The times are changing. Can the new technology affect the audiovisual industries so that storytelling becomes more authentic instead of generic? In her talk, she will reflect on what is required of humans to use AI as a tool to create authenticity in storytelling. The lecture will explore the relationship between imagination and lived experience, embodied intelligence, the ability to hold multiple perspectives both emotionally and cognitively, as well the importance of non-narrative mental states. All of it is necessary for a present-day storyteller who aims beyond the generic and the predictable. With minimal human input AI will soon be able to do what an average creative does today - only much more quickly and for a fraction of the cost. What will make the difference for storytellers that want to stay relevant and even thrive in this new landscape? A Q&A vill follow after the lecture.

Workshop following the seminar

Attached to the seminar we will also offer a workshop with limited seats for creators within the audiovisual sector. The workshop is taking place two half days 12-13th of September at Lindholmen Science Park, and is led by Tatjana Samopjan and Andrea Nordwall, Lecturer, Media Technology and Program Director, Digital Visual Production at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

It will explore the potential impact of AI on both small and big actors, from streamlining production processes to enhancing creative possibilities. It will discuss the rise of generative AI consumers, who could utilise AI tools to generate personalised content, and critically examine the value and challenges of maintaining artistic intention in the face of advancing technology. We will test some relevant AI tools and train our eyes to spot both the creative opportunities and less-than-obvious pitfalls. The aim is to familiarise ourselves with AI-powered tools while sharpening our capacity for artistic discernment and authentic storytelling. 

Biography: Tatjana Samopjan

Tatjana Samopjan's impactful talks explore bonds between storytelling, science, technology, music, spirituality, social dynamics, philosophy, and real-life experience. Tatjana acts as a creative consultant for development of TV series, films and documentaries. Her clients are European broadcasters, streamers, production companies, development programs and funding institutions. Her track record includes positions such as head of development at Palladium Fiction and story editor at SVT Drama at Swedish Television. 

Tatjana is based in Stockholm, her workplace is all around Europe. As a member of several European advisory boards, she is involved in financing film and TV industry projects. Her academic background is in languages and literature, and her explorations of contemplative traditions have informed and deepened her work with storytellers.

Sponsoring the event: TeaterAlliansen

TeaterAlliansen offers a unique form of employment for professional freelance actors. The company was created to meet the publicly supported performing arts' need for flexibility, security and development for freelance actors and is jointly owned by Svensk Scenkonst, Fackförbundet Scen & Film and Trygghetsrådet TRS. TeaterAlliansen works to ensure that the employed actors continue to be among Sweden's most employed. This happens, among other things, through the network of contacts within the stage and film industry that has grown over the years, but also by stimulating the actors themselves to be active and available.

TeaterAlliansen is also an important platform for skill development for the professional acting corps through courses, workshops and seminars. Thanks to increased funds for the restart of the performing arts, TeaterAlliansen currently also offers skills development to additional freelance artistic professional groups, including set designers, costume designers and directors.

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