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Clarion Breakfast Club

Clarion Hotel The Pier, Gothenburg

Tech talks - Define diversity in tech with one word.

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Nordic Women in Tech Award
Women In Tech Gothenburg
Nordic Choice Hotels
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Host & Speaker: Kari-Anna Fiskvik
VP Technology @Nordic Choice Hotels Academy

Kari Anna Fiskvik has over 20 years of experience in the fields of technology, retail, architecture & program management - being a leader in Digital transformation, Omni Channels & Tech Business strategy. She is passionate about tech that improves lives and experiences and has a black belt in Crisis manage- ment after the notorious handling of The Cyber Attack on Nordic Choice Hotels in December 2021. Now at Nordic Choice she is working on a tremendous Digital transformation, seeing the long term project, and the obstacles of the IT-Crises, she and her colleagues, has ambitiously aimed to break the norm and rewrite the code on Who Qualifies To Work In Tech?

“Could part of the solution to the IT-recruitment crisis be to open the door for a more diverse competence stack? Does everyone in IT need a masters degree to identify problems and solve them through great code? In Nordic Choice Hotels we have a very strong “Room for all” philosophy - no matter where you come from; our doors are open. We think this gives us a resilience that we could further advance in the rest of society as well” says Kari Anna Fiskvik

We also added two of our brilliant tech expert panelist to #communityclub with

Mathias Althin, VP Technology eBerry and Linda A Dahlman -
Head Of Architecture & Information. Together they will discuss how Nordic Choice is working on a defensive plan to recruit in tech and how other companies can take the same long-term actions.

In collaboration with:
Nordic Women in Tech Award and Women In Tech Gothenburg.

Clarion Hotel® The Pier, November 11 at 8:30 - 10:00
A light breakfast, bottomless coffee and good people is guaranteed!