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CLOSER & REEL @ Sweden Innovation Days


Kristoffer Skjutare, representing CLOSER, will be participating on Day 2 of the Sweden innovation Days which has the theme “Enabling innovation – The Swedish way.” Throughout the day there will also be a range of other fantastic keynotes, case studies, panels and interviews with world leading experts that you may want to join!

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Sweden innovation Days
CLOSER at Sweden Innovation Days

The transformation of an industrial sector

Sweden has ambitious goals regarding the transport sector. By 2030, they aim to reduce emissions from transport by 70 percent compared to 2010. There is still a way to go before reaching these goals, but Sweden has made significant progress within heavy duty transport and logistics. In this session we take a closer look at flagship projects, disruptive startups and Sweden’s largest port, which is a true frontrunner within sustainable logistics.


In conjunction with the panel you will also be able to what a film created by the REEL project, which will inspire transporters and cities across Sweden and Europe to electrify their truck fleet.