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The Future is Now! Why AI should be on top of everyone’s mind.

Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 5
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Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics right now. Everyone is talking about self-driving cars, smart assistants, smart cities, smart marketing, and using AI to help cure diseases.

We have all heard fantastic success stories (and some not so successful) and promises of AI. But, how can you get started with AI? Why should you invest in developing AI? What do you need to think about before investing in the development of AI? What are the pitfalls that others have fallen into?

At this event, we will answer all of those questions and many more. After this event, you will have learned more about AI and how CGit and Berge can help you get started or support your ongoing AI projects.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the leaders within the AI industry. We are proud to have key speakers from NVIDIA and Pure Storage present at this event.

Speakers: Jakob Andersson (Team Leader AI, Berge Consulting), Klas Moreau (CEO Berge Consulting), Mattias Bergkvist (CEO CGit) and a panel with NVIDIA, PureStorage, and CGit.


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