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Lansering av My AI

AI Sweden, online

Vi är glada över att bjuda in dig till den officiella och offentliga lanseringen av My AI. Vi kommer att introducera dig till plattformen och hur du får ut det mesta av den tillsammans med några verkligt inspirerande talare.

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AI Sweden

My AI is the first personalized platform designed specifically for the AI community and industry. A "Linkedin for AI", if you will. A place to get inspired, to share know-how, to network, and to showcase your organization's work and what you're up to next.

So, do you want to take the next - or perhaps the first - step into the world of AI? Or perhaps you’re already doing a lot of great work but would find it useful to collaborate with others or find new areas of application? Join us to celebrate the launch of My AI! We will introduce you to the platform and how to make the most of it alongside some truly inspirational speakers.

You can participate online or at one of AI Sweden's offices where lunch will be served.

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