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Nordic perspective of the future rail freight

Online + Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg

Welcome to this two-session event for information and discussion regarding the innovations developed in Europe’s Rail JU. Topics covered will be the Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC), Intelligent Video Gate (IVG), self-propelled wagon and yard automation.

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Rail Sweden, Trafikverket

To maximize the physical event, we first invite you to take part in an informative online session on the 22nd of March, bringing everyone towards the same level of knowledge. As the time for Q&A's will be limited most questions will be saved for the physical event the week after. On the 30th-31st of March, we welcome you to Lindholmen in Gothenburg for a lunch-to-lunch workshop. The workshop will be an interactive event where we will discuss the topics presented in the online meeting. To optimize the experience, we strongly recommend you to join both events.