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Innovation & gender - How to boost the mobility innovation ecosystem

fredag, juli 8, 2022

What do we know about innovation and gender – and what are the opportunities for the future if we learn to tackle this important question? During a workshop led by Anna Branten an engaged group shared their ideas at Lindholmen Science Park.

Flera personer samarbetar i ett rum

Together with EIT Urban Mobility and Position 99, Lindholmen Science Park held a workshop on the matter of innovation and gender in the mobility sector.

Anna Branten, co-founder the Institute for Transition, shared her insights on what innovation has got to do with gender and why it is important. The world is changing and we need to embrace new perspectives and find new ways of working.

”I really enjoyed the conversation with the participants about the state of gender and innovation. The crowd was very diverse and had a lot of different experiences that made the workshop very interesting”, says Anna Branten.

The participants also took part in a group discussion on how our ecosystem can get better at sharing knowledge and best practices. Many thoughts were shared on what we are good at on the matter of gender diversity, and what could be further improved both on a strategic and practical level. 

”It was very clear that a lot of them had high hopes for the future and that they were full of energy and will to make a difference. That makes me really hopeful. I also met a startup with a great norm innovation that I have continued to talk to, and that kind of sums up the whole purpose of the event - for people to connect and grow their networks and help build a better future”, Anna Branten concludes.

"Within our ecosystem we need to collaborate to raise awareness and spread knowledge about gender and innovation. New and wider perspectives matter and are crucial in order to solve our challenges”, says Tord Hermansson, CEO Lindholmen Science Park.

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