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Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmenspiren 3-5, Göteborg

As a part of the prestudy "User Experience Excellence" we are prototyping "Sharing Circles": Public events where we highlight and share thoughts on the state of UX in the region.

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Visual Arena


  • 16.00 State of Design West Coast Edition: Jens Wedin and his team from Design Leadership reflect on findings from the survey together with Karin Lycke from Lindholmen Science Park.
  • 16.30 UX Arena: There are numerous reasons to emphasise the need for User Perspective in both the region and the country. Anna Laurin and Karin Lycke share their insights and present a possible roadmap from the prestudy: "User Experience Excellence". 
  • 17.15 A mindset, not a tool: Victoria Wånsander, service designer, UX lead and teacher at UX Högskolan, speaks on the duality of UX. 
  • 17.30 Silicon Valleys perspective on UX: Laura Nunnery, Product Design Leader at Volvo Cars, shares her insights after having transited from Facebook, Strava and Instagram in Silicon Valley to Volvo Cars at Hisingen Island.

Meet at the UX Arena. Join as a designer, a business developer, a CEO, a software engineer, or a tax payer! Our common ground is our desire for attractive functionality, sustainable future and effective processes. 

If you can't attend the physical event: The event will be filmed, and can be watched afterwards at www.visualarena.lindholmen.se

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