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Swedish Innovation Impresses High-Level Delegation

måndag, oktober 16, 2023

A high-powered delegation from the Center for Maritime Strategy (CMS) and the Royal Swedish Navy recently toured Lindholmen Science Park as part of the CMS Fact-Finding mission to explore the impressive depth and breadth of Swedish innovation and industry.


The primary aim was to understand Swedish advancements in areas of naval strategy, innovation, and potential collaboration. Lindholmen Science Park, known for its pioneering spirit, left a strong impression on the delegation. It provided the ideal backdrop for conversations that spanned from complex systems to energy systems, and overall innovative approaches.

For the U.S. visitors, interaction with industry giants like AstraZeneca, Volvo Group, Saab, and Recorded Future was notably impactful. Moreover, representatives from AI Sweden, MobilityXlab, and Chalmers provided deeper insights into their operations and advancements.

A sentiment echoing throughout the U.S. delegation was the unique dynamism of the Swedish innovation scene. 

One of the focal points of the tour was an introduction to the Swedish innovation ecosystem, presented by Dr. Mats Nordlund. His presentation emphasized that in the race for 21st-century global leadership—commercially, technologically, and militarily—speed, boldness, and talent are non-negotiable.


Drawing from his rich experience, Nordlund highlighted Sweden's enviable position on the global innovation board. The nation leads in several fields, including digital music streaming, fintech, gaming, automotive safety, energy transition, and niche defense solutions for air, marine, and land operations.

He attributed Sweden's success to several factors:

  • A robust educational system is closely linked to international counterparts.

  • Presence of anchor companies with a global competitive edge.

  • Effective technology transfer mechanisms and high digital proficiency.

  • An ecosystem that champions collaboration, bolstered by supportive governmental policies and effective agencies.

  • A cultural acceptance of failure and a collaborative spirit, always seeking partnerships with other global leaders for mutual enhancement.


Sweden's approach to innovation — quickly assembling ad-hoc constellations to tackle advanced challenges and utilizing agile state funding mechanisms— also came into focus.

After an exciting morning of presentations and discussions, the Swedish representatives convened in a panel to address questions from the U.S. guests. The conclusion from the U.S. side was unambiguous: "Sweden will be a great contributor to NATO."
This fact-finding mission has solidified the foundation for stronger ties between Sweden and the U.S., especially in the realms of maritime strategy and innovation. The global community eagerly awaits the potential fruits of this collaboration.