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Unplugged Kooperativet with Janne Schaffer

Kooperativet, Anders Carlssons gata 2, 417 55 Göteborg
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"In 2023, my first record celebrates 50 years. In 1973 it topped all the charts for 6 weeks and I celebrate it with a newly pressed reissue. My performance My music story is about my musical journey from the very beginning in 1957 to date.

The trip includes the 60s, including Sleepstones. Then my two parallel careers as a soloist or songwriter and as a studio musician with Gärdestad Abba Json Lindh and my own songs as well as those with Electric banana band.

There will be a lot of music, many hits and many stories. Very welcome everyone."

/ Janne Schaffer.

The concert starts at 9 p.m.