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Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park has become the most knowledge-intensive and expansive area in Gothenburg, and an important hub for the expanding city. Some 25,000 people now spend time here every day, a figure that is expected to double over the next five years.

Lindholmen Science Park flygbild

"Lindholmen Science Park is an attractive and stimulating environment where people want to work and create. A location that is full of life and energy that allows you to meet and learn about each other’s ideas. A place where art meets science and theory meets practical applications."

Lindholmen Science Park extends from the SVT building in the east to Campus Lindholmen in the west. The Park also includes the movie cluster Gothenburg Film Studios in the north. Walking in the area you may see students, researchers, high school pupils, residents, entrepreneurs, employees from international companies and national agencies, hotel guests and curious visitors. Some 375 companies have elected to locate offices in Lindholmen Science Park as have two universities and six secondary schools.

News about the area

buss på gata med hus i bagrunden

Traffic news: Lindholmsallén

During the winter and spring, work is underway for the construction of a new tramway which may affect your journey to and from Lindholmen. From the middle of February, the traffic in Lindholmsallén...
Hedvig Pollak, Henrik Thunman och Hanna Paradis

Climate-leading Process Industry steps up at Lindholmen Science Park

Starting from January 2024, Lindholmen Science Park has become the host organization for Climate-leading Process Industry, a West Swedish initiative striving towards a fossil-independent and...

Four startups join MobilityXlab to collaborate and innovate with automotive industry leaders

Juteborg (Sweden), Quanscient (Finland), Tether (Sweden) and TG0 (United Kingdom) are the new startups joining the collaboration program.
en person framför en modell av älvstaden

Glenn guides the Gothenburg of the future

Lindholmen has had the Älvrummet, a forum for urban planning and dialogue, for six years. Glenn Evans, who has been with Älvrummet since its inception 16 years ago, works in this environment. We met...
Reselo startup bolag

Automotive leaders and startup join forces to explore the use of low-emission material in vehicles

At MobilityXlab, CEVT, Polestar and Volvo Group will collaborate with Swedish startup Reselo to test possible applications of rubber produced from tree bark in the automotive industry. The project is...

Tech companies bring boat building back to Lindholmen

A startup company that focuses on smart and innovative transport solutions via the waterway is moving into the tech arena The Yard in the unique old shipyard property on Lindholmen.
hugo hammars kaj

The new ferry terminal is being built

As more and more people want to live, study and work in the Lindholmen Science Park area, several projects are underway so that public transport can cope with a growing number of travelers. One of...

New gym opens in Lindholmen Science Park

Now we can finally tell you that we have landed on a player who will soon open up a gym in the 880 square meter premises on the ground floor of Lindholmen Science Park. It is the company Prehab GBG...
vy över lindholmshamnen

Start of construction for square and pier deck in Lindholmshamnen

In mid-August, the construction of the square and bridge deck in Lindholmshamnen started. When the foundation is complete, the construction of the restaurant and office space on the bridge deck will...
huvudbyggnaden Lindholmen Science Park

The Battery Training Center is to be developed at Lindholmen

In a few weeks, the first trees will begin to be felled to make way for the battery factory. In three years, roughly 3,000 - properly trained - people will work there. On Tuesday, a decision will be...
person med dator samt ratt

Upper secondary education is changing in step with electrification

When society changes, so do the professions and the training for them. This can be seen in the secondary school education. ''We have increased application pressure for the Electricity and Energy...
göteborg stads hisingsbro i kvällsljus

Polestar chooses Frihamnen for its future headquarters

The design-led electric car company Polestar plans to establish a new global headquarters in Frihamnen and thus gather its employees in central Gothenburg. The building should be experienced as a new...
två personer utanför ett kontor

German AI company opens office in Lindholmen

German chooses to make its first foreign direct investment in Lindholmen, in the middle of Gothenburg's fast-growing automotive cluster. That's what Business Region Gothenburg writes.

The next step for the Karlatornet: glass cage 230m up in the air

The peak has been reached in the Nordics' tallest building, Karlatornet, and next year the 246-metre high tower with its 74 floors consisting of apartments, hotels, offices, sky bars and observation...
eldrivet flygplan i luften

The dream of electric passenger aircraft is gearing up

At the beginning of June, Heart Aerospace moved its headquarters to the Lindholmen Science Park area and strengthened the innovation cluster in sustainable and electrified transport. We had a chat...
Matilda presenterar för förskolan

On a mission to increase young people's interest in technology

Matilda Hurtig is a Project Manager at Production for Future , a project with a focus on sustainability and technology for young people, which is based in Lindholmen. They are one of the exhibitors...
plug and plays grundare på event

Global accelerator in tech strengthens the innovation cluster

American tech scouting company Plug and Play is launching a new innovation platform together with Volvo Cars at Lindholmen Science Park. The location they have chosen is The Yard, the growth arena for...
människor som tittar på en robotbil

EU conference highlighted AI for cities

On May 2, the conference " Sustainable AI and AI for sustainability " was held at Lindholmen Science Park. Over 140 participants from the EU, public sector, private business and academia gathered here...
tre personer

European joint effort to support Russian journalists in exile

In order to gather strength on a European level, Russian journalists in exile and representatives from a large number of international organizations are now meeting at Lindholmen Science Park. In...
image of Ganesh diety

Grand opening of India House

Every year, many Indians move to Gothenburg for work and studies. Today there are around 10,000 Indians living here and the number is only getting higher. The majority of them are engineers and IT...
nasdaq bild

Several Gothenburg companies on Norrsken's 100 list

100 positive future possibilities! Several Swedish companies were included in the Impact/100 world list created by the Norrsken Foundation. The Gothenburg companies Heart Aerospace, Einride and...
en person framför en bil och en skärm

Lynk & Co wants to become an Airbnb among car brands

It has been around for seven years since its founding in Gothenburg and has become known for its subscription models and clubs. Now Volvo's sister brand Lynk & Co is launching a full-scale operation...
Kartiskiss av Lindholmshamnen

Lindholmshamnen's square and bridge deck are taking shape

Since August, work has been going on to put the square and jetty in order in Lindholmshamnen. When the work is finished, the square area will be approximately twice as deep as before, while the pier...
färjeläge utan färja

New ferry location contributes to Lindholmen's development

After several years of planning, the quay at Lindholmen's new ferry terminal is now complete. Älvstranden Utveckling AB has been responsible for the construction, which means that a new line can soon...

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