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Climate-leading Process Industry steps up at Lindholmen Science Park

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Starting from January 2024, Lindholmen Science Park has become the host organization for Climate-leading Process Industry, a West Swedish initiative striving towards a fossil-independent and competitive industrial region. We caught up with process leader Hanna Paradis during a visit to Chalmers power central, where several of the initiative's projects are conducting their tests, and she sees great potential with the move.

“I think the move is going to be really exciting for our members. I see a lot of opportunities with cross-connections to several of the areas where Lindholmen Science Park excels, such as digitalization and AI, and logistics, which is a central part of making the recycling system work cost-effectively.”

Climate-leading Process Industry is a ten-year initiative funded by Vinnova that started in 2018. Behind the initiative are the over 50 members of the West Swedish Chemistry and Materials Cluster, which until January 2024 had its base at Johanneberg Science Park.

“The chemical and process industry is essentially the foundation for the transition of Sweden - without fossil-free materials, we will not be able to reach our goal. We work with the companies that manufacture fuels and plastics, but we also work with their entire value chains, which means that we also work with the recycling industry, energy companies, research and academia, municipalities, and regions,” says Hanna Paradis.

The decision by the main owners Chalmers and the City of Gothenburg in 2023 to dismantle Johanneberg Science Park to further strengthen Lindholmen Science Park lies behind the move and the CEO of Lindholmen Science Park, Tord Hermansson, sees the addition to the program portfolio positively.

"We are very pleased to welcome Climate-leading Process Industry to Lindholmen Science Park. We see clear synergies with our existing activities and that through our national connections, we can build a broader platform together."

With the move across the river, Climate-leading Process Industry has a new website on Lindholmen Science Park's web platform and an updated graphic profile. On February 8th, the first member event with around 70 participants will be held at Lindholmen conference center.