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Keep track on what happens at Lindholmen Science Park, both in the area and in all projects.


Future Mobility on Bifrost Summit Week

Bifrost is a week-long event, bridging the Nordics and Silicon Valley to spark innovations for environmental sustainability. From March 4-8, 2024, it offers a packed schedule with a major conference...

Gothenburg Democracy Talks: Spring 2024 Special Guest Series

This spring, we have invited some of the most brilliant and forceful in their respective fields as guests at the Gothenburg Democracy Talks. They will share their views on the key challenges of today...
Hedvig Pollak, Henrik Thunman och Hanna Paradis

Climate-leading Process Industry steps up at Lindholmen Science Park

Starting from January 2024, Lindholmen Science Park has become the host organization for Climate-leading Process Industry, a West Swedish initiative striving towards a fossil-independent and...

Four startups join MobilityXlab to collaborate and innovate with automotive industry leaders

Juteborg (Sweden), Quanscient (Finland), Tether (Sweden) and TG0 (United Kingdom) are the new startups joining the collaboration program.

Securing the Future of the Nordic C-ITS System

The recently concluded project Nordic Way 3 is a collaboration between Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland to develop a common standard for how connected vehicles can communicate with infrastructure...
Reselo startup bolag

Automotive leaders and startup join forces to explore the use of low-emission material in vehicles

At MobilityXlab, CEVT, Polestar and Volvo Group will collaborate with Swedish startup Reselo to test possible applications of rubber produced from tree bark in the automotive industry. The project is...
Man smiling into the camera + a picture from a lecture hall with persons listening to the person on stage

Successful knowledge exchange between Sweden and the USA to strengthen sustainable mobility

Sweden and California, renowned for their innovation cultures, have collaborated in the Sweden California CoLab project to share experiences, promote sustainable mobility, and reduce emissions from...
A CAKE electric motorcycle

San Jose, California, embraces zero emission neighborhoods with innovative Swedish collaboration

Key to this project is the close collaboration with Future Mobility, a neutral innovation platform facilitated by Sweden's Innovation Agency, Vinnova, and Lindholmen Science Park.

Elevating E-commerce Sustainability: ASTER Insights from Amazon's Collaborative Session

In a recent Lunch & Learn with Amazon, we explored key insights from Oliver Wyman's "Delivery Decarbonization Pathway" report. The panel emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge with decision...
Åsa Wikforss

New podcast episode with Åsa Wikforss

In the 7th episode of Lindholmen Science Park´s new podcast Omvärldsspanarna, Martin Holmberg & Cecilia Malmström are talking with Åsa Wikforss.

Swedish Government establishes new AI commission

The Swedish government has announced an AI Commission, focusing on a pivotal question: How can artificial intelligence bolster Swedish welfare and competitiveness? Among its members is Martin Svensson...

Robotaxis Cruising? Not so much!

The robotaxi turmoil in the Wild West continues and especially Cruise is facing an uphill road from here. You’ll find more about the latest industry updates here, plus an almost tragicomic story about...