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Keep track on what happens at Lindholmen Science Park, both in the area and in all projects.

kvinna i dramatisk operamiljö sjunger för fulla muggar i en pompös klänning

New project: The future digital art scene, a operaverse?

In the prestudy with the work name Operaverse, we want to figure out how new techniques can help Gothenberg's opera house reach out with their art scene to a new target group and meet the new...
Woman in field holding a mirror covering here face and replacing it for a view of the field. The field is yellow and quite tall.

Are you a student who wants to use your skills and curiosity to explore and experiment in design and innovation prints?

We are currently looking for several committed participants with different backgrounds and skills for our Experience to insights lab. If you are going to write your c thesis or master's thesis, then...
Fredrik Sandblom, Zenseact is the Collaborator of the Year

Fredrik Sandblom is the Collaborator of the Year

Fredrik Sandblom, System Architect and Technology Specialist at Zenseact won the honorable title of Collaborator of the Year. The motivation says: He makes other people grow and generously shares all...
Lastbilar på Öresundsbron. Foto: Julian Hochgesang på Unsplash.

New cross-border initiative to accelerate autonomous transports

A new European cross-border initiative to accelerate the introduction of autonomous heavy-haul vehicles is set to kick-off in November 2022. Lindholmen Science Park is one of 29 partners in this new...
En av Innovationsbussarna i Göteborg.

New solutions being tested on the Innovation buses

Tests of new functions and services are in full swing on the ElectriCity collaboration's innovation bus. At the moment, tests are being conducted, among other things, on how travelers experience an...
Kvinna i kostym som står framför en poster som visar forksningsresultat i text och i symboler. Triple Fs logga och trädillustrationer smyckar postern i hörnen.

New licentiate degree on how to measure and improve construction transport efficiency

Farah Naz is one of thirteen Ph.D. students within Triple F who recently defended her licentiate degree. In her dissertation, she described how to measure and improve construction transport efficiency...
Smarta urbana trafikzoner

Smart zones for a more sustainable and safe city

Smarta urbana trafikzoner
— To create a city on pedestrians' terms, right technology and good cooperation are needed, says Felicia Hökars, project manager, Smart Urban Traffic Zones. The result from the Smart urban traffic...
Expedition på båt i Arktis bland isberg gör en selfie men breda leenden.

Expedition portrays climate change in the Arctic in VR

An expedition in Svalbard filmed Glaciers in VR to explore how visual tools can be used to enhance the portrayal of climate change in the project Expanded Rephotography.

Reinventing the supply chain to democratize healthy food

Henrik Åkerman, Head of Purchasing at Picadeli, will be one of the speakers at TREFF. His presentation will explain how Picadeli optimises their supply chain, as a company with quick logistics due to...

The Swedish Energy Agency new financier - strengthens investment in sustainable e-commerce

ASTER, Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce, was started in the autumn of 2021 with funding from Vinnova and is now receiving increased support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of ASTER is...

MobilityXlab invites 11 startups to create innovative mobility solutions


Neuroscience-based software to detect driver behavior, accident-prevention systems for autonomous driving, smart charging for electric vehicles, and data connectivity and privacy are some of the...

VIDEO: Healthier cities with electric buses


How do electric buses affect the well-being of residents? And what new possibilities does low noise create when planning new housing and public transport? Find out in this talk about electrification...