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Nominate Collaborator of the year 2024

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Who has created conditions for successful collaborations in an open and engaging manner over the past year? Submit your nomination by September 6th!

Utställningen under Lindholmen Open Day 2023

Nominate a person or a team who has understood that by interacting with and inspiring others, creative and innovative ideas will grow. A person or a team who generously share their own experiences and knowledge to contribute to development and new opportunities.

The individual/team can operate in any field or industry, but somehow have a connection to Lindholmen Science Park.

Finalists and winners will be communicated and celebrated during Lindholmen Open Day on September 26th.

The jury is composed of several business representatives from the owners of Lindholmen Science Park AB and is convened by Lindholmen Science Park AB.

Register your nomination here - deadline September 6

Nominated person/team

Please fill in the information for the person/team you´re nominating!

Feel free to enter everyone's e-mail address if more than one, but at least one of the nominees.

Additional information

Vinnaren Eva Essvik och nominerade till årets samverkare

Martin Gow från SiNIX Group, Eva Essvik, chef för näringslivssamarbeten, partnerskap och digital innovation på GöteborgsOperan, Glenn Evans på Älvrummet och Elisabeth Hörnfeldt från Scania efter prisutdelningen av Årets samverkare 2023.

Det här är den finaste nominering och pris jag någonsin fått och att få representera GöteborgsOperan i det här sammanhanget känns fantastiskt!

Eva Essvik

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