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AI Sweden launches an AI strategy for Sweden

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Using AI is necessary for solving key societal challenges, staying competitive, and in general preserving and developing a democratic society with a high quality of life. The objective of An AI Strategy for Sweden is therefore to develop Sweden’s capabilities to strongly benefit from the potential of AI.

Illustration av AI strategin

An AI Strategy for Sweden has been written to guide politicians, business leaders, decision-makers, civil servants, or changemakers with ambition and responsibility to lead and develop Sweden, the Swedish ecosystem, or individual organizations and companies towards a positive future through one of the most transformative times in history.

What is an AI strategy for Sweden?

The strategy includes a vision for Sweden, six fundamental standpoints and perspectives constituting the analysis, as well as six key principles for successful and large-scale use of AI. This aims to address societal and business challenges, within individual companies and organizations, as well as on a regional and national level. Proposals for a number of indicators to measure overall progress are also presented. Throughout the strategy, there is a strong call for Swedish decision-makers to concretize, implement, and set goals for the strategy based on their respective organization's perspective.

"Based on who we are, our values, and our strengths, Sweden has a tremendous opportunity to solve key societal, democratic, and business challenges with the use of AI. To get there we should focus on generating value, leading with boldness, scaling collaboration, and investing significantly across sectors."  

Martin Svensson, Managing Director at AI Sweden