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On a mission to increase young people's interest in technology

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Matilda Hurtig is a Project Manager at Production for Future, a project with a focus on sustainability and technology for young people, which is based in Lindholmen. They are one of the exhibitors and open their doors at Lindholmen Open Day in September. We asked Matilda more about the project and what they will show visitors. 

Matilda presenterar för förskolan

Matilda presents Production for Future for preschool children who are on a study visit.


What is Production for the Future?

''We are a non-profit project where we create and spread knowledge about sustainability, diversity and technology. We build and develop mini-factories together with students, mainly from high school and university, but also high school students occasionally.''

What do you hope to achieve with the project?

''The purpose of the project is to inspire and arouse an interest in technology. We want to show the possibilities of technology and how technology can be used to create a more sustainable and better life for everyone. We do this by holding workshops and receiving visits from schools and businesses.''

Tell us about what collaboration means to you.

''Collaboration is a prerequisite for the project. Therefore, it is a real privilege that we get to stay at the Lindholmen Science Park area, where we meet inspiring and driven people on a daily basis.''

''Since all our factories are built by students, our main cooperation with the companies takes place around degree projects. We receive support with components, expertise, wise advice and guidance. In exchange, we become a meeting place for companies, a place for education and development and a bridge between business and school.''

What are you planning during the Open Day?

''We will be at Lindholmen Open Day and our Young Engineers will be on stage and talk about what the workforce of the future expects and desires from a potential employer. During the day, we will offer visits to the factories at Lindholmspiren 11, where we will show, among other things, VR, Smart Maintenance, and collaboration between humans and robots. 

''It's great fun to be able to participate in events like these where you get to meet other people interested in technology and see what exciting companies there are here!''


utställning i gågatan

At Lindholmen Open Day 2022.

personer som tittar i 3D-glasögon

Students get to make their own 3D glasses when visiting Production for Future.


Om Production for Future 

Göteborgs Tekniska College driver och ansvarar för projektet Production for Future (tidigare Smarta Fabriker), som möjliggörs med stöd från många organisationer. Demo-fabriken är konstruerad av gymnasieelever, universitetsstudenter och elever från yrkeshögskola med handledning från företag.