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Global accelerator in tech strengthens the innovation cluster

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

American tech scouting company Plug and Play is launching a new innovation platform together with Volvo Cars at Lindholmen Science Park. The location they have chosen is The Yard, the growth arena for tech companies.

plug and plays grundare på event

Saeed Amidi, founder and CEO of Plug and Play Tech Center on site at The Yard for the launch of a new innovation platform in Gothenburg together with Volvo Cars.

Behind the anonymous sheet metal facade at Götaverken's old shipyard area hides The Yard, a newly started tech arena with coworking and workshop facilities as well as a large event space where the 10.5 meter ceiling height makes most people drop their jaws. A collaboration between Älvstranden Utveckling AB as property owner and Business Region Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park with the entrepreneurial and business perspective makes this possible. And now Plug and Play chooses the location to launch its new innovation platform together with Volvo Cars.

''We are very happy to collaborate with Volvo Cars and open the doors to this new innovation platform in Gothenburg, which will focus on sustainable development and digital mobility'', says Saeed Amidi, founder and CEO of Plug and Play Tech Center.

''The location, right in the center of the action and literally filled with tech-savvy companies and automotive heritage, is no accident. We are convinced that the site will become an innovation engine for both startups and large companies.''

Plug and Play started in California in the 90s and helps large companies gain access to strategically interesting startup companies. With operations in over 50 locations globally, the company oversees an ecosystem of more than 50,000 startups and 500 partners, including Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Shell, Walmart and Airbus. The list of alumni companies includes names such as Dropbox, PayPal, Trulioo and Rappi.

"Keeps its appeal"

The establishment also means a flying start for the new growth arena The Yard. Älvstranden Utveckling AB creates and adapts environments suitable for tech companies at Götaverken's old shipyard area in Lindholmen, in collaboration with Business Region Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park. Right now, The Yard is established in the Pannverkstaden property, but in 2024 the business will be scaled up in the Equipment Workshop, the building located in the middle between the cranes and closest to the water.

''That Plug and Play chooses to establish itself here with us is a fantastic opportunity and a strong driving force forward in our work to establish The Yard and develop other properties in the area. At the same time, it is proof that the mobility and innovation cluster Lindholmen Science Park, next door to the development offices of several global companies here on Lindholmen, maintains its attractiveness'', says Melina Garhed, Business and Marketing Manager at Älvstranden Utveckling AB.

The venture was presented at The Yard in Lindholmen on May 3 by, among others, Alexander Petrofski, CEO of Volvo Cars Tech Fund, and Saeed Amidi, CEO and founder of Plug and Play Tech Center.



The industrial property Pannverkstaden where The Yard today offers an 880 square meter event space as well as coworking and workshop opportunities for tech companies.