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Mission 0 House

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Mission 0 House is an innovative pilot initiative where key players in the materials and manufacturing industry have a common ambition to be pioneers in the effort to eliminate future greenhouse gas emissions.


Our vision is a future where production processes are truly environmentally sustainable, and where Sweden becomes globally recognized for leading the way in eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this goal, we involve equal parts academia, consumer product, and the materials industry. Through this broad and inclusive approach, Mission 0 House aims to create sustainable and resilient solutions with positive effects that extend across the entire industry.

Mission 0 House


Through collaboration between industry experts and researchers, we aim to develop groundbreaking technologies and methods that enable sustainable material production without compromising on technical quality or efficiency. Below are our primary goals:

  • Identify chemical reactions causing greenhouse gas emissions to map current emissions.
  • Understand the background of emissions to create conditions for future solutions.
  • Promote collaborations across industry boundaries to develop groundbreaking technologies and solutions that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Overcome technical challenges by jointly working with researchers and industry experts to achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases in materials and processes.
  • Support and promote the implementation of sustainable methods and new technologies to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as bridge the gap between research and industry to accelerate the adoption of sustainable methods in material production.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange through dissemination of research findings and experiences. The goal is to promote general acceptance of sustainable solutions and transfer knowledge and technology to related industries.
  • Maintain Sweden's top ranking as an innovative country.
  • Maintain industrial leadership within the material supply chain - while transitioning the entire value chain to be greenhouse gas-free.
  • Increase the attractiveness of applied material research with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions.

Facts about Mission 0 House

Project Title: Preparatory Project for the Establishment of Mission 0 House 
Project Lead Organization: Polestar Performance AB 
Project Partners: Boliden, Borgstena, Lindholmen Science Park, Polestar, Sekab, SKF, SSAB, Stora Enso, Volvo Cars 
Total Funding: 22,869,546 SEK, of which granted funding from Vinnova is 12,957,650 SEK and 1,494,050 SEK from VGR and the remaining from the industrial partners. 

Which organizations are involved in Mission 0 House?

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Other funders

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