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New podcast episode with Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

In the 5th episode of Lindholmen Science Park´s new podcast Omvärldsspanarna Martin Holmberg & Cecilia Malmström are talking with Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Jacke poddgäst

Jacke is also the chairman of both Folk och Försvar and Svenska Mässan Stiftelse. In this episode the panel cover topics that are really important - don't miss out.

Note! Since the episode was recorded right before the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, this is not mentioned in the podcast.

Join us, as we navigate the complex global landscape and explore its impact on Gothenburg and Sweden. In each episode, political expert Cecilia Malmström and media expert Martin Holmberg, together with guests from our network of knowledgeable industry representatives, researchers and representatives from the authorities, will share insights about the latest trends shaping the world and discuss how they can affect our future. With questions around technology and innovation to sustainability and societal challenges, we will cover a wide range of topics. And don´t forget to subscribe, so you don't miss out on the upcoming episodes with exciting guests!